We help leaders communicate better … through events and communications that originate from a strategic vision.

We define tangible objectives to make sure we deliver measurable results. It’s what makes us different from the rest.

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We have the experience, insight and logistical capability to create and manage all aspects of any live event, at any level, anywhere. Every service needed to bring your strategy to life, the whole caboodle.

Creative Concepts

Whatever your message and desired outcome may be, it's essential that every aspect of your event and communications plan needs to have a creative threadsomething that ties everything together. Whether subtle or bold, a good creative concept can truly deliver the message home.


Whether it's an insight session with your senior management, or a more casual brainstorm with the wider team, we take multiple approaches to either develop your current strategy into a live environment, or we work with you to develop a strategy that focuses on your desired goals.

Content ideation / creation

Working with your in-house teams, we help extract the most relevant content and messages for your target audience, and create an experience that engages audiences and delivers outcomes.

Speaker coaching & support

Even when the messaging is right, the delivery is key. It's essential that speakers convey the right tone and content in a relaxed and engaging manner. We work with internal and external speakers to assist with anything from speech writing to rehearsals.

Live event production

From set design to all audio/visual needs, from simple and effective to the latest and greatest technologies, we design and build the entire environment to fit with your messages, your brand and your budget.

Venue sourcing & management

From hotels in Beijing to private homes in Miami . . . from sporting venues in Barcelona to art galleries in London, we know where to go and who to contact to source any type of venue for your events.

Venue sourcing & management

Logistics & delegate management

From the first moment you contact guests, the little details can make or break an event. That's why it's essential to have all of the logistics handled perfectly. From transportation to delegate hotlines, from name badges to food and beverage, we ensure it is all delivered flawlessly, and on brand.

Video production

Whether you need an inspiring video for an event or a standalone film… our producers work with you to understand the desired outcome to deliver powerful, emotionally engaging videos.

Video production

Graphic design & PowerPoint creation

Our in-house design team works closely with our producers to create striking and powerful designs to support any event.

Website & intranet design

We work with your digital teams to either create something to bolt-on to your existing systems, or we can create entirely stand-alone sites. With the ability to create an interactive digital portal for all event related information and the registration process, we deliver a tool that lets you have either a one or two way communication with guests pre, during and post event.

Apps & interactive digital platform

Often, reaching delegates on the go, or during the event, means that innovative technologies with longevity are required. We create bespoke apps and other digital solutions that deliver two way communication platforms in innovative ways.


With a strong track record of defining and delivering qualitative and quantifiable results, we build trust and long-term relationships with our clients.

  • Target savings of £8M announced at an event programme designed to inspire future leaders to make major cost savings, resulted in savings £22M above target.

  • The post-event evaluation results demonstrated that the change in 'understanding the vision and direction' increased dramatically when we helped a new CEO get the audience on the same page.

  • 12 months after a brand positioning event, sales had increased by $56m. That's an 11% increase.