The right venue is absolutely central to setting the scene for your event. That’s why we have a team of specialist venue finders who spend their days seeking out new and exciting venues all over the world.


Our global buying power means we get great rates and our event production experience means we know a great venue when we see one.

So, if you need a meeting room, training venue or conference space and you’re bored with the same stuffy old hotels, we’ll surprise you with a fresh new location.

Discuss your venue today

Top Banana takes the hassle out of venue finding. Whatever brief I give them they will come up with a list of options that I would never be able to imagine or sort by myself and at competitive rates. They make the booking process for venues so easy.


If you need delegate accommodation management as part of your event we can help you find the best hotels and negotiate the best rates.

There are lots of different ways to arrange this, so get in touch with our friendly venues team to discuss your options.

Let’s talk about accommodation

The venues you find always capture the look and feel of what we are about and are large enough to accommodate our crazy syndicate plan … but smart enough to have everyone still close to the main space. I would not have found – or known about -any of these venues without your help.

Where will your next adventure take you?